Audiovisual Production

"The desire to know, the why and the how is called curiosity" Thomas Hobbes





Passionate about the news and the world around us, we decided to create

Trained in the world of audiovisual and writing, we offer non-targeted reports and also institutional films.

Portraits of celebrities, entrepreneurs, artists or reports on current events: there's something for everyone.

Curious to know and understand the society in which we live, we chose sharing in image.





I help you in the creation of your project. Together, we determine what your needs are and stage your ideas and your desires, both in the writing of the scenario and in the various stages leading to the completion of your video.


I see with you the realization and technique part of your project. I take care of pre-production, filming and post-production. Thus, I make sure to deliver a turnkey product. Beyond being a true enthusiast of audiovisual, I'm a big curious. So naturally I became a reporter, to discover the world in which we live. Thanks to my television experiences (BeIN Sports, BFMTV, ...), I know how to work with complete and precise specifications.

I'm also a pilot of a drone approved by the DGAC